1. It is very easy to determine manic episodes. The most distinguishing factor is euphoric mood and increased level of energy. These characteristics are easily noticed and very evident. It is obvious that a person first manifested a depressed mood for a longer period of time. Other signs include spending sprees, loss of concentration, and increased drive for sex.

2. Spotting depression can be quite easy but sometimes it can be misinterpreted as a bad day. An anxious or a sad mood over an extended duration of time is a very obvious sign of a depressed person. This is the first characteristic you must look for. Another is lack of interest on the things which was once enjoyed by the person, including sex or hobbies.

3. Mood swings associated with serious cases of bipolar disorder can later display psychosis symptoms including delusions and hallucinations. These are also easier to recognize. However, the sufferer may not be aware of it.

4. To spot a mixed state of a bipolar disorder, you should know that the sufferer is simultaneously experiencing both depression and mania. It can include sleep deficiency, agitation, and appetite changes. The patient having this kind of bipolar disorder can become very depressed, yet he or she still possesses a very high energy level.

5. The symptom that is considered to be the most horrifying is morbid thoughts. Most people ignore it subconsciously hoping that it will just soon vanish. Suspecting a patient who have morbid thoughts and contemplates suicide must be acted upon immediately. Call 911 if necessary to prevent worse consequences from happening.

Keep in mind that recognizing these symptoms correctly is important to reveal the real nature of a bipolar disease. Improper diagnosis can lead to prolong or lifetime suffering. The patients can seek advice from professionals when depression attacks them but sometimes they are not disclosing their manic behaviors. It is because they linked it with normalcy or happiness.

Recently, more and more people are getting the proper education regarding the distinguishing symptoms of a bipolar disorder because of the attentions given on its research and studies. Guidance is available through excellent resources such as reputable websites or local clinics which provide detailed information. Never forget that the debilitating nature of a bipolar disorder can be stopped to lead productive and healthy lives.

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