Big Questions That Could Change Your Business

How does your business perform in these areas?

Effecitve Meeetings

What if people:

* Called a meeting only when they had a specific goal supported by a detailed agenda?

* Checked with the key participants to help them prepare for the meeting?

* Involved all of the participants in the work during a meeting?

* Obtained results with a team process based on consensus?

* Took responsibility for implementing the decisions made in a meeting?

> Could this help your business become more profitable?

Business communication:

What if people:

* Helped others express their ideas during a conversation?

* Created a safe environment that facilitated clear thinking and free expression?

* Treated each other with respect in their conversations?

* Listened carefully and completely to what the other person was saying?

* Let others be the star in their conversations?

> Could this help your work proceed more efficiently?

Business presentations

What if people:

* Understood the goal for a presentation before preparing for it?

* Spoke with key people in the audience to learn about what they hoped to gain from the presentation?

* Rehearsed what they planned to say with a clock (to make sure that they finished on time)?

* Spoke about the audience and their needs instead of about themselves?

* Delivered compelling presentations that informed and inspired others?

> Could these leaders be more influencial?

Personality styles

What if people:

* Could recognize how others preferred to think, work, and communicate?

* Knew their own strengths and how to apply them for maximize benefit?

* Knew their weaknesses and how to manage them?

* Were able to work together in harmony?

* Could earn trust and respect from each other?

> Could this help people get along with each other?

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