Bitacle: Homepage aggregator

With Bitacle you can organize your homepage with the information that you like to put. It’s free, it’s easy, it’s fast, is cool. Only with your mouse you can change the place of the boxes, his colour, his font, his items number, his direction and much more.

You decide what information like to see, write the XML/RSS URL direction of your source information and configure his design. Create many tabs for more organization of your information also you can do multimedia blog searches in the blog archive and find for text, images, videos and podcasts.

The video search helps to find the best videos in internet and allow users to do a sindication to his favourite channels like ‘jokes’, ‘soccer’ or something else. Similar are the characteristics of our images and podcast search.

Another very interesting characteristic is that the verified users will be able to do backup of the data of his blog for free. It’s like a big free cache of blogs or XML/RSS feed sources. If you write one or more blogs you can sindicate and archive your content in Bitacle this means that you will always have a copy of your archives in a safe place.

Soon we’ll add new features to the service, for example: personalized search (you search and we learn of you for improve your listings), channel search (you only search in the webs that you decide), backup data, import/export OPML data and much more.

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