BizOps. I Was Scammed! (Or Not)

So you searched business opportunities for sale. And you bought into that claim about how you would make thousands of dollars per day without even working? You could even make money in your sleep, right? So you thought, this sounds so good, I must buy the business program or e-book. How could you lose?

Very quickly you learned that the opportunity was “not as advertised”. Your new business failed. Not only did you lose your cost of investment, but think of the time you wasted. And then there is the embarrassment factor, you had to go back and tell all of your friends and relatives that it really was just a scam.

But was it really a scam? Mirriam-Webster’s dictionary defines a scam as “a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation”. The fact is, most likely you were not scammed. You see, you were not scammed, you just didn’t do your homework. You bought into the hype, not the substance.

These business programs and e-books are considered “Business Opportunities”. A Business Opportunity (BizOp) is defined as a system that delivers a business system, training, equipment, or service to the buyer. In some cases, the seller may also make residual income for the ongoing sale of products or services, but for the most part, the relationship is over once the purchase is final. Since there is no ongoing royalty payment, there is no vested interest by the seller to ensure that the buyer succeeds in the business. Although many business opportunities provide system training, they may not require or monitor performance. Sellers generally don’t invest in local marketing or operational support, but buyers are given complete freedom to run the business.

In order to succeed with any BizOp, you need to do your homework! Research the opportunity offered. Research the company. Research the industry. Talk to others in the industry. Seek professional (legal and accounting) help. Trust me, your accountant has probably seen many of his or her clients venture down a similar path. And above all, make sure that you have the time, energy, capital, expertise, and desire to work your tail off. It’s a job!

Many business opportunities are very successful. Many industries are a niche industry, where there is a high demand for a product or service. Often times it pays to get in on the ground floor before everyone else get’s in. To find a business opportunity for sale, please visit

Before you count the chickens...........

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