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Thinking of online success, the early opening of the new "Big Marketers' Search Engine" couldn't be thought of as different. We initiated the project a little way back, but BMSE finally saw the light on the 25th of March. Nothing went wrong until 3 days after, and if you tried to use BMSE for a search, then you all know what we're talking about.

Google disabled it. Yes, they actually temporarily disabled the displaying of results for anything you tried to search with it, claiming we violated their "Terms of Policy". Well, we didn't do cloacking, we didn't do result forwarding, we didn't display any pop-ups at all, we didn't use any traffic boost technique..then what was it?!

Astonishing as the answer may be, we couldn't believe it too. We actually exceeded the number of standard queries with our new engine. What was that number then, you may think?! Well..think of it as exactly 1768 unique search queries in only 3 days. |WoW| !!

That really is big. That's why we called it this way, although we didn't imagine it would be that big, it seems that BMSE is really proud of its name and already taking over.

So if you're ambiguous about BMSE, our Google-powered, custom search engine..well, think again : We actually search only 200 web sites and entire domains, all hand picked, all carefully reviewed and added to our database, not by some crawlers or bots, but by specialized people.

As you may have seen on our front page, we do not accept volunteers, so everything in our database is entirely updated only by us, by hand and not by anyone who may wish to put their fingerprint over. We do not plan to surpass the number of 200 entries currently in our database, as we want to give you the best results for your searches and not something like a couple of million or even thousand results.

For example, let's try something extremely common..try searching the term "internet" using BMSE. That really should be big right? How common is that? How many results from all over the world should you get at all? A couple of million is still little. But wait..go down the results and click "Search Within Results" at the bottom of the page.. 141 results??! Now that is ACCURATE !!

Not to mention other great options for "Refining" your results to the maximum possible using our tested labels and still other great resources are there to be discovered. We put our faith in the Web 2.0 user, we put our faith in BMSE, we put our faith in your online sucess, we put our faith in you. Use "Big Marketers' Search Engine". More is still to come, read "Big Marketers' Blog".

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