Credit card buying is seductive. Many people like the option of

buying something today that they won't have to pay for until

later. Also, most consumers tend to spend more using their

plastic, than when they're writing a check, or paying cash.


There are many good reasons why you can benefit from securing

credit card merchants status. Here are some of them...

* People with credit cards are more affluent than those without

plastic. They can afford to spend more money.

* They tend to be better "credit risks", if you want to sell

"open account."

* Overall, they buy more by mail than those without cards.

* You cannot effectively sell from commercials on radio or TV

without offering credit card purchasing. Visa and Mastercard are

by far, the cards most consumers have.

* They often will make credit card purchases even when they are

short on cash, and/or when their checking account balance is low.

* You can sell on installments, obtaining permission to charge

the buyer's card on a monthly basis.

* You can ship goods with the secure knowledge that payment has

been secured before shipment is made.


By now, you're probably convinced that accepting credit card

orders is a darn good idea. But how can you obtain credit card

merchants status? Truth is, it's not always a piece of cake. In

recent years banks have been playing hard-ball with many business

people, especially anyone doing business by mail. It's the same

old story, a handfull of mail order crooks have almost totally

screwed-up a good thing for honest dealers. The major credit card

companies have told the banks to be very, very selective in

issuing merchant accounts to mail order sellers and home business


Because a few scum-bags have ripped off some banks, and run off

with the money, your local friendly banker may not be too

"friendly" when you tell him you want a merchants account. It has

become increasingly more difficult for mail order sellers to

secure a merchants account, and if you only sell by mail, but

also do consider setting you up for Visa and Mastercard

processing. That happens to be reality...but always remember


valuable report I'm going to cover some of the best way to obtain

your merchant's status.


Although your banker may have already told you that they "cannot"

accept you for a merchant account, the simple, unvarnished truth

is that he/she can. Visa and Mastercard do set some rigid

guidelines for their affiliated banks to follow, but ultimately

the banks must approve or disapprove each application. Excuses

concerning "doing business by mail", "operating a home-based

business", "not having a long business track record", are just

that-excuses! A somewhat polite way to tell you "no"!

Could a mail order businessman, (books, home-study

courses, etc.) but how also conducts his business exclusively in his

home get a Merchant Account? Fat chance of him getting a merchants

account. Right? Wrong: He happily processes credit card orders for his customers will full

knowledge and cooperation from his bank. How did he do it? He never

stopped asking for what he wanted.

When his own bank refused to even consider him for a merchant

account, due to the fact that he was in mail order, and also

doing business from his home, he beat path to several other


The first four banks he visited also said "no", (2 were large

institutions, 2 mid-size), so he decided to try some smaller

banks. Guess what? The very first bank he went to said "Maybe".

They asked him to transfer his account to their bank, so that

they could "monitor" it for six months. He told the bank

official that he would consider their proposal, and the proceeded

to another small bank one block up the street.

He liked what the second small bank said. They said "Yes!" All he

needed to do was establish a checking account with them and

maintain a modest $1,000, business checking account balance. This

he quickly did!

He is not unique. But he was very persistent and kept asking

for what he wanted, and you must also. Probably th two best ways

to get a merchant account are:

(1) Keep pestering your own bank about granting you charge card

privileges, until they agree to do so.

(2) If your bank outright refuses, make a list of all banks in

your immediate area, putting some special attention on small

banks. Next, get out a pair of your most comfortable shoes and

get to it! Ask...Ask...Ask..Ask.. Ask! You have nothing to lose,

and much to gain by being persistent, and by constantly asking

for what you want (that's good advice in all areas-business and

personal) of your life!


If you absolutely have no success in obtaining a merchants

account from a local bank, you should consider the alternatives.

Here are some of them...

***Ted Nicholas, best known as the best-selling author of "How To

Form Your Own Corporation Without A Lawyer For Under $50.00", has

established a small business organization entitles "Entrepreneurs

of America." Membership is $50.00 per year. This organization

intends to offer reasonable rates on credit card processing to

their members. For more information write to: Entrepreneurs of

America, 2020 Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 224, Washington, DC 20006.

Phone: (800) 533-2665.

*** The Late Howard E. Welsh is the founder and director of the fast

growing National Association of Publishers and Mail Order

Dealers. His association has many exciting programs to help small

order tabloid publishers and small mail order dealers succeed.

Just prior to printing this report, For more information,

write: NAPOD, 12 Westerville Square, #355 Westerville, Oh 43081.

***If you sell books, manuals, magazines, or forms of "paper and

ink" products, you may wish to join the American Booksellers

Association (ABA). This is the No. 1 booksellers professional

association in the United States. In addition to many other

benefits (National and regional conventions and trade shows,

educational programs, etc.), members also can have their credit

card orders processed through the ABA's Merchant Service Discount

program. Write to: American Booksellers Association, 122 E. 42nd

St., New York, NY 10168.

***Barry Reid, owner of the Eden Press, has advertised that he

can help mail order marketers obtain credit card processing.

Write: Eden Press, Box 8410, Fountain Valley, CA 92728.

***Mountain West Communications of Colorado offers a business

telephone answering service that handles inquires or orders. When

you subscribe to their service, they can also process your credit

card orders for you. Write: Mountain West Communications, P.O.

Box 216, Hotchkiss, CO 81419. Phone: (800) 642-9378.


Although this special report gives you various sources that might

be able to help you with your credit card processing, the main

message of this report is "NEVER GIVE UP" Never take "NO" for a

final answer. Keep asking for what you want! Those who keep

asking and seeking, usually obtain what they want.

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