Storing Your CDs

There are many different storage alternatives for

your CD collection. The factors for storage include

how many CDs you own and how long you plan to keep


Below, you will find several alternatives for

storing your CDs:

1. CD jewel cases

You have probably owned these before, as they are

the most common. They can hold your CD cover art and

are very easy to line up on a shelf. Keep in mind

that they do break rather easily and they take up

quite a bit of space.

2. Plastic CD sleeves

Plastic sleeves are cheap and thin, so they are

easy to afford and easy on shelf space. Since they

are so thin, they obviously don't offer a lot in

terms of protection. For long term storage, they

generally aren't recommended.

3. Paper sleeves

For short term storage needs, paper is very cheap

and doesn't use much space. Simliar to plastic

sleeves, paper is thin and doesn't offer very

much protection.

4. Paperboard sleeves

Paperboard sleeves are much thicker than paper so

they will protect your discs. They are also

inexpensive, although they can be hard to seal.

5. Tyvek CD sleeves

Tyvek sleeves are cheap and they don't take up

a lot of space. For long term storage, Tyvek is

normally recommended.

6. CD-ROM disc cases

These types of cases can hold a lot of CDs in a

small space and they may even help to keep out

dust. They do however, make reading labels a bit

hard, they keep CDs out of site, and they will

take up a lot of space.

7. CD spindles

Spindles are cheap and they hold several hundred

CDs in a small stack. Sorting through them is

hard if you need one specific disk, which makes

it something that isn't normally recommended.

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