The versatility of a food and drinks blenders

With people becoming more and more health conscious, blenders have become a household fixture. After all, using this home gadget is the easiest way to stay healthy by making your own fresh food and drinks.

Blenders is one of the most versatile piece of gadget in the kitchen. It can double as a juicer and sometimes even a food processor. This is why it is often mistaken for any of the two. But what makes blenders different is the fact that it can be used in a lot of ways. With a juices, you will only be able to create juices while the food processor will only help you in creating purees and in mincing ingredients. With a blender, you can enjoy both functions.

In fact, a lot of people who diet or who subscribe to a certain diet plan often have this handy tool at home. Blenders are used to create prescribed concoctions that are otherwise unmixable. You can combine all sorts of veggies and fruits together without having to cook anything. You are saving yourself from the oil in cooking plus you are taking in fresh food.

Blenders are also a must for vegetarians. Because they cannot eat meat, they will often use blenders to mix together foods and drinks that will supply them with the proteins and other nutrients that they need. Some even keep a separate blender for the food and the other for drinks. You see, people can cook their own veggie meat using this kitchen tool. They would just mince the veggies and then combine it with other veggies. Others however, prefer a food processor, which is also easy to use.

Coffee drinkers and those who love holding parties will also want a blender in their homes. They are great for creating cocktail drinks for your small parties at home. You can make PiƱacoladas, smoothies, juices, frapuccinos and even frozen margaritas. The blender will even help you crush ice that the drinks will need. You can even create milk shakes and ice cream using this very versatile kitchen gadget.

Households with a newborn baby also invest in a good blender. Because these young ones cannot yet eat solid foods until they are about one and a half or two, mommies will have to prepare purees at home for the first few months. Although there are purees in the market such as Gerber, some mommies want fresh home-prepared foods for their children. Babies are often served potatoes, banana and apples. As they grow older, the blender can also be handy in making semi-solid foods like cooked meat and veggies.

Those who love to cook will also love to have a blender on their own. With the help of this handy gadget, they can turn spices that are oftentimes hard and bitter to taste into powder that the ingredients can easily take in. In fact, most restaurants will have blenders in their kitchen as this can help in the cooking of food and in preparing drinks. In fact, cooking schools will surely have these in their kitchens. Believe it or nor, blenders are even used in laboratories.

What they use however is not the typical blender that you see at home or in restaurants. Blenders are used in the fields of food science and microbiology where it helps in conducting research to create medicines.

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