Types Of Boats Available

There are many boats out there on the market, with

something for everyone. If you are new to boating,

selecting the right boat can be hard. There are

boats for every purpose on the water, all you have

to do is find the one for you.

To help you in your quest, we'll go over the several

types of boats available. This way, you'll know

the differences when you head out to buy one of

your own.

1. Vessel

The vessel is the most common name for a boat, as

it's the description used or capable of being used

on the water. Basically, it's another name used for

a boat or anything capable of being on the water.

2. Power boat

A power boat is any boat or vessel that's propelled

by machinery. Fishing boats are great examples,

as they are powered by motors or engines.

3. Houseboat

A houseboat is fitted for use as a living vessel or

for leisurely cruising. Normally, a houseboat will

include living accomodations such as sleeping

quarters, kitchen facilities, and even a full bath.

The cruising models are normally propelled by


4. Sailboat

A sailboat is any boat that's under sail along with

no mechanical means of propulsion. The modern

sailboats range from one person boats to luxury

yachts that can accomodate several people. They

are divided into three basic types:

1. Daysailer - This is a small boat that's

designed for comfortable sailing without sleeping

accomodations. It offers a roomy cockpit and can

also contain an outboard auxillary engine as well.

2. Cruiser - Cruisers are medium sized or

large boats that contain a cabin with sleeping

quarters, toilet, food area, and usually an auxillary

engine that's built inside.

3. Racer - Racers are boats built for speed

and ease of handling - normally at the expense of


5. Zodiac

The Zodiac brand of high performance aluminum boats

are some of the most popular in the entire boating

industry. These boats are constructed with a

conventional rigid hull with increased buoyancy and

stability. The deep V hulls offered by these boats

are made to take any weather. They are well known

for their prowess and are used all over the world

for commercial search and rescue operations.

6. Catamaran

These boats come with twin hulls. They provide

safety, comfort, speed, and stability that's

unmatched by single hulled boats. Popular with

boating, they offer you a new twist to hitting

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