- azithromycin

- clarithromycin

- for children: amoxicillin

Bacteria are life forms, and in order to stay alive, it performs chemical processes. They manufacture structural elements, digest nutrients, assimilate, and replicate themselves. They multiply and at the same time guard themselves against hostile elements. Antibiotics are able to hinder such processes to occur, thereby killing the bacteria.

Bad bacteria are a lot like poisons and acids. The body has its own defenses and when the bacterium irritates the system, it can go overboard. In this manner, the bacteria and host tissues are attacked, which is not that good so careful attention and medication must be given to patients with bacterial infections.

Illnesses and diseases are here to stay. And perhaps the lifestyle of many people has something to do with their getting sick. All individuals must live a healthy and clean lifestyle. With all medical costs soaring high nowadays, no one would want to get sick. So the best way is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and other healthy foods. And if you do have symptoms of bronchitis, make sure that you consult your doctor immediately.

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