Benefits of Bidding on Bidding Directories

Bidding Directories have been around for the past 2 years and can still be considered relatively new. It simply offers webmasters and site owners the opportunity to bid for an optimum position in the directory listings. More often than not the Top 10 or 15 will be prominently featured on the homepage with the highest bidder enjoying sitewide positioning.

This method of bidding for position or link auction creates various opportunities as a cost effective marketing avenue. Unlike traditional paid directories where one might find the price of insertion to be costly, bid directories can be a cheaper choice since all you have to do is to outbid the link in the last position.

The objective here is to bid high enough to enjoy good placement within either the homepage listing or the category page as you will benefit much more in terms of visibility. This offers you control over where your site or blog listing like never before.

More importantly you can finally build quality backlinks for your inner-pages by submitting them to bid directories which are accepted since you are paying for it. Best part of all is that all bidded links are permanent and you can choose the perfect anchor text to accompany your link to enhance your search engine positioning.

There are a few points to look out for before making a bid and that is to ensure the bid directory is genuine. The first thing you should do is to observe the url and make sure that it is somewhat related to a bid directory or at the very least; a directory. Next is to do a quick research on the web archives and also observe the backlinks to ensure that it is genuine.

Another point to consider is to monitor the bid directories you have bidded on and if you find they are good value for your investment, contact the owner as most often he or she owns several others where you can bid on as well.

At the end of the day, it is a worthwhile investment to list your website or blog with a quality bid directories both for your link building campaign and generating traffic exercise. With new bid directories being launched every day, you can surely find good bargains to take your link building to the next level.

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