Billboards on Wheels

Billboards make good marketing materials. Have you ever seen these trucks or cars on the road with this seemingly colorful, catchy and oftentimes loud advertisements printed on their sides? I’m sure you have. This kind of advertising is common nowadays. This marketing strategy is called mobile billboard advertising or simply mobile advertising. Mobile billboard advertising is one of the top growing advertising medium as it offers flexibility and improved message delivery on the streets where your customers are. Business owners often opt for this kind of strategy because they want to stand out from their competitors. You could basically use mobile advertising not only for product launches but also for exhibitions and events, store openings, election campaigns, and seasonal sales among others.

You would perhaps ask, what is the edge of mobile billboard advertising to other mediums of marketing? For one, it attracts a lot of attention. It is a unique way of getting the attention of your target customers. Your customers need not only be the people who would pass by your store or see your poster in one corner of the street but also those who are simply walking down the street or having a cup of coffee in the coffee house. Mobile advertising also spikes competitor’s stores. It can probably put you one step ahead of your competitors.

Imagine you are a business owner who have recently avail of mobile advertising and you were walking along the street on a great Saturday afternoon on your way to the mall to go shopping. Then suddenly your attention was caught by this truck that has large speakers on it playing a festive upbeat tune. When you turned around you see this colorful picture of a beautiful resort that looks almost like paradise. Then you realized it was your own advertisement there blissfully making its presence on the streets. You turn around to see how many people noticed it like you did. You would be surprised to see that most people turned around to check out the loud truck. It’s a great feeling isn’t it that people check out your advertisement even for just a few seconds?

But then again, you would probably wonder whether mobile advertising cost much. Surely you can’t afford another costly advertisement. But the good news is mobile advertising cost lower than other outdoor mediums of advertising. Compared to print, radio and regular billboards, mobile mediums cost cheaper. If you do choose to try mobile billboard advertising, you are perhaps providing your business an innovative marketing tool at an affordable rate.

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