Bipolar disorder in teenagers can be effectively treated. Treatments usually start on the education of the patient and the family about the disease, prevention of the episodes and psychotherapy. Medications on the other hand help prevent episodes. Medications such as mood stabilizers like lithium and valporic acid often lessens the severity of manic episodes and may help prevent depression. Meanwhile, psychotherapy aids the patients in understanding what he or she is going through, understand himself or herself, cope up with the stresses, improve relationships and rebuild self-esteem.

Some diagnoses that mask or sometimes occur along with bipolar disorder include depression, conduct disorder (C.D.), oppositional-defiant disorder (ODD),ADHD, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and so much more. There is a great possibility that bipolar disorder may be misdiagnosed with these other disorders. Even if a child's behavior is unquestionably not normal, correct diagnosis remains challenging. The proper treatment for the Bipolar Disorder clears up the bothersome symptoms thought to indicate another diagnosis.

The analysis of Bipolar Disorder in children and teens is intricate and involves careful judgment and or observation. A careful assessment by a child and adolescent psychiatrist makes out Bipolar Disorder and the start of the treatment.

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