Blurbs...Think Pithy

Sometimes a “blurb” can go a long way toward helping stir up interest in a newsletter or in a web site than an average length article. Generally, a blurb is defined as a pithy paragraph that gives out enough details to generate an, “I want to learn more” response from the reader. As a rule of thumb, most blurbs are one paragraph in length and contain no more than 100 words. Alternately, two or three smaller paragraphs can also be effective, depending on the room available.

A blurb can be particularly useful when you want to attract attention to a topic, without setting aside an entire web page for an article. A link at the end of the paragraph such as: More… can generate the needed click through to the rest of your article or directly to the product that you are selling.

Blurbs are particularly good devices when placed on the outside of a newsletter, especially on one that has been tri-folded and gets mailed out. One part of the two exposed folds of the newsletter contains the address, while the other exposed area is typically blank. Use that blank section to make your pitch in the form of a blurb that will compel the reader to open the newsletter up and continue reading it instead of pitching it in the trash.

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