CO-OP MAILING! Best customers in

the country. Just $50 per thousand-

you supply the circulars--we mail!

Excello Mailing Services, Po 99

Washington, DC 20001

A couple of things you should do in order to handle the orders you'll be getting...Be sure to have a number of people lined up/available to do the folding and stuffing of envelopes for you--and also, be sure to get yourself a bulk rate postage permit.

With those details out of the way, all you really have to do when the orders come in is drop off the circulars to be folded and stuffed into envelopes, with the envelopes, your return address can be rubber stamped on the envelopes as they are applying the mailing address labels as well as your bulk rate mail permit indicia, and you're on your way.

By including a co-op mail advertising coupon with each piece of mail that you send out, plus regular advertising in most of the mail order publication, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how fast your profits will grow. Once you get organized and have all the bugs worked out of your system, you might also want to expand your business to include your local area.

To do this, you either call on your local area businesses and professional people, or else hire commission sales people to do the selling for you. Most small businesses are interested in sending out regular sale flyers or catalogs, so you or your sales people simply call upon these people and offer to do the job for the.

Contact with a good printer in your area will also be to your benefit. You can offer to have the circulars printed--you collect a commission from the printer, and make a bundle of profits with your mailing services.

If you sign just 5 different stores in 5 different shopping centers, you could really be rolling in money within just a very short period of time. $50 per thousand--times 5 stores--you have $250. And when you multiply that times 5 different shopping centers, you're talking about $1,250. Then if you get all of these people to go with your services on a regular basis--say once a month, you've got yourself a very respectable monthly income that will certainly keep you from the Poor House...

Whenever you send out mail, you should always include your co-op mail advertising coupon, plus at least two advertising circulars of your own. By doing this, you'll continue to pull in more business for your mailing services, and at the same time make money from whatever you're selling on your advertising circulars.

Finally, as with any business you might be thinking of starting, the business should be primarily something to keep you busy and pay your bills. Any business that your start should be "vehicle" to eventually make you rich. Thus, you'll have to know about the business, but just as soon as you can afford it, you should hire other people to do the work. In other words, with this particular business Don't involve yourself and commit your time to the folding and stuffing. Hire other people to do this work for you while you work on the expansion of the business by calling on local people that can use your services. At the same time, it would be wise to hire a number of commission sales people--the more people you have calling on prospects, the more money you're going to make and the faster your business will grow. Actually, and dependent on your energies, there's no reason why a co-op mailing business can't bring in $100,000 a year or more. The opportunity is available in almost every city and hamlet in the country. We've told you how it can be done, and the rest is up to you!

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