have lost them forever! Your ad or circular must stop them in

their tracks. How do you do this? There are three best ways to

get their attention. With a headline, a picture or

illustration, or a combination of both. And what should you

say in your headline? Subconsciously, readers are always

looking for some excuse to quit reading an advertisement, so you

must say whatever is necessary to force them into the subhead

and body of your message!

This can be done in many different ways. Most people are

interested in news so if your product is newsworthy you can use

such words as.. NOW!.. AT LAST!.. NEW!.. GET! If you are giving

information or offering a free incentive, the word "FREE" is a

great word for the headline. Use the word "WHY" in the headline

and they will read the subject and perhaps the body of your copy

to see if the "why" pertains to them. Use words that indicate

your message has great benefits for them.

If your product is a book or report that tells how to do

something, "HOW TO" is usually a good start for your headline,

or if you are offering a choice "WHICH" fits the requirements

for one of the key words in your headline. To hold the

attention of impatient people use words that indicate they will

be able to read the rest of the message easily and without delay.

Words such as "Fantastic", "Unbelievable", etc., should be used

sparingly or the reader may believe the article is just a big

"come-on' with little value and not worth wasting their time

reading! Using words asking for advice, or giving advice will

often appeal to the reader, depending of course on what is being

offered. For that matter, you don't have to use "canned"

words. Just prepare copy to fit your offer using your own

creative ability. See things from your readers' point of view

and work up your presentation accordingly.

If the headline is not read, then you might as well forget about

the rest of the ad. If the headline doesn't stop them, your ad

or circular is just money down the tube regardless of how great

your product may be or how good the ad appears. You must use

the headline to attract the reader with words that appeal to

their wants and desires. Words that practically force them to

read the rest of your message.

In the body of your copy develop the information about your

offer in a logical sequence, point out the benefits, tell how

and where to order and finally call for action, NOW! To make

the copy more interesting, you can Capitalize a few of the key

words and sentences. If you are offering something free you can

often short-cut the ad by using just a headline, a picture, and

a subhead, without the need for detail.

You can give specific facts about your product and the benefits

to the prospect or, with certain kinds of offers, a better

approach may be to keep the offer a mystery; keep them guessing.

Some products such as books, reports or money-making programs

can be sold using the mystery method if the price is not too

high. Written testimonials are a valuable addition to your

sales message. A 100% money-back guarantee is a must.

At the lower right hand corner of your circular include an order

coupon. Make it simple and easy to follow and let them know

that their order will get immediate attention. Put your

telephone number on the coupon so the prospect will not have to

call the operation to find out if you are legitimate.

Your Own Circular Program!

The time has come to prepare your own circulars when you have

acquired or developed your own product, have "latched" on to an

exclusive, or have found an item with sufficient markup to

produce a reasonable profit.

In starting an adsheet or circular venture it is generally

possible to have others pay a substantial amount of the cost and

expenses! This can be accomplished in several different ways.

Advertise in mailorder trade publications that you will print

and mail 1,000 3x6 circulars (approximately 2 3/4 x 5 1/2), for

$5.00, or a one-inch or 40 word classified or display ad for

$2.00. Paste up the ads on an 8-1/2x11 sheet so that after

printing each sheet can be cut into six circulars. Ads for your

own product are printed on the back side.

Hopefully you will receive sufficient response to get $25 or $30

in orders. If you can hold printing and ad costs to $25 you will

now have 6,000 circulars with your ads on one side, prepared and

ready to mail At no cost to you!

Your ads printed on the back of the circulars are commission ads

paying others 50% for orders they get for your product, which

you drop-ship to their customers.

You will mail these circulars in bulk to circular mailers and

opportunity seekers, who send you the postage for a free supply.

Perhaps one inch or so of the 6,000 circulars will carry an ad

for the 3x6 circulars or the $2.00 ad offer. Another inch of

space can be used to offer free commission circulars upon

receipt of a stamped, self-addressed envelope (SASE). The

larger the envelope and the more stamps, the more circulars they

will get.

This will leave 6,000 circulars with 3 or 4 inches of space in

which to advertise your own product (commission ad). If you

send these circulars out, printed in the right combination, you

may discover Perpetual motion!

It is well to test other size circulars (5-1/2 x 8-1/2);

8-1/2x11, etc.). However when you get larger than 3x6 you may

well consider that you have your own adsheet going. You can

cash in on the additional sources of revenue and other benefits

to be derived from a good adsheet!

Important Facts in Your Circular Programs!

Your ads soliciting for 3x6 or $2.00 ads may get little or no

response. You must be prepared to print something along with

only one measly ad that may dribble in. You have advertised

for, and accepted your customer's $2.00 so you must print it

within a reasonable time. Maintain a flexible position with all

your circular programs. Be prepared to vary, substitute, add,

delete, change, etc.

You have your own regular ad on a circular with your name and

address printed on one side. ON the other side you have

prepared a good commission ad, leaving space for the dealer's

stamp. You send a batch to dealers and mailers, at their

request, then sit back with great expectations. Again, nothing

happens. Why? Perhaps the mailers did not send them out!

Generally though, when they pay to get them, even if just

postage costs, they will mail them. However, maybe some of the

mailers just realized that unless they mail these circulars to

out of the circle prospects, they may not be the ones to get the

orders? After a couple of weeks of "Nothing", if you start

getting orders direct at the mailer's price instead of retail,

you will know that the buyer has "Gone Around" your mailer.

Your printed name and address on the one side vs. your mailer's

rubber stamp on the other has tipped off those operating near

the edge of the inner circle with mailorder experience and

know-how. They know who the prime source is will try to go


This makes a deplorable situation. Under these circumstances

you have no way of knowing which mailer is entitled to the

commission and of course you have not received enough to pay a

commission anyway. You can send the money back and ask the

party to submit the order again through your dealer but neither

one of you will ever hear from the party again.

Your mailers and dealers must be protected all the way. When

such things happen your program must be changed to eliminate any

"unfair situations". Some unscrupulous enthusiasts will cut out

the address of your Co-publisher, paste it as the return address

on the envelope and enclose their own ad with one-half the ad

cost. It is apparent that your Co-publisher "got another order"

until you notice that your Co-publisher lives in Florida and the

envelope was "Stamped" in California!

There are many little tricks that by themselves seem immaterial,

but when they are multiplied a million fold across the country

they become a matter of deep concern for all of us in the mail

order industry.

How to Prepare Your Own Copy!

With but a minimum knowledge of the Graphic Arts and few basic

tools and supplies you can make your own "Camera Ready"


The "Original" may be typewritten copy, hand lettering,

drawings, newspaper clippings, printed material... Just about

any good sharp black copy on white paper. Most anything, except

copyrighted materials, can be reproduced by offset printers at a

very reasonable cost.

Simply layout and paste up the material in the form you wish the

finished work to appear. (Normally your finished copy will be

printed only as good as the original; however the printer can

often "clean" up the original, but at an added cost.)

If there is an offset printer in your local area, you can use a

simple roll-on waxer very conveniently for the paste-ups. If

you must sent the paste-ups through the mail, a glue stick or

rubber cement that sticks firmly is recommended. Use the cement


When glossy photographs are involved, they must be "screened"

before the printing process. This is done by the printer, and

of course, for an additional charge. Increasing or reducing the

size of your copy can also be done with the printer's camera.

On typewritten work be sure you have a good ribbon, preferably a

carbon ribbon which leaves clean, sharp letters. Don't erase

except with a typewriter equipped with an automatic erasing

device or in a manner that does not leave smudges. (These can

easily be "wiped out" and cleaned up by the printer but you

ought to hear him when he gets poor originals).

Headlines can be best prepared with Rub-on transfer letters or

with a strip printer; unless you have a typesetting machine,

MacIntosh computer with a laser-writer printer, or equivalent!

Be sure the paste-ups are straight and in alignment. Only one

side of a sheet is to be used for Camera ready copy. Leave not

less than 3/8 inch margin on all four sides. You can use

regular bond paper. If you have a good copy of a form that has

been printed previously, use it. If a few changes are

necessary, they can be readily pasted over the originals. Use

white touch-up liquid to cover errors or blotches.

If you are producing a magazine or circular with several pages,

determine the additional cost for such work as binding, cutting,

stapling, etc. You maybe able to save substantially by doing

some of these jobs yourself with the purchase of a minimum of

the right kind of equipment.

Perpetual Money-Making Circular Program!

They continue to come! The endless "money-making bonanzas"!

Now there's the one called "Perpetual Circular Program",

supposedly an endless money-making system where everyone wins.

This "typical" plan consists of a list of 10 names, number from

1 to 10, indicating what each has to sell and their address.

In order to join the "Perpetual Circular Program", you send 50

cents to each of the individuals listed, plus a large self

addressed stamped envelope, which will be returned to you with

their advertised offer. Then cross off the name in the number 1

position and re-number the list 1 through 10, adding your name

in the number 10 position. (Sound familiar).

Next you are supposed to re-type the list and print at least 100

copies. Send a copy to each of the ten names (advertisers) and

the remaining copies to names of your choice, by mail or in


In turn, these businesses are supposed to do the same, and as

your name moves from the #10 position to the #1 spot, they

state that you could receive up to 12,000,000 requests.

Assuming a 5% return from all the mailers, you would receive

$240,000 based on 30 cents profit per request??!!

By keeping the advertisers at ten, to ensure growth, they think

the ads seem reasonable, at least less speculative than

lotteries or fluctuating investments.

Also, to help ensure continuation of the "Perpetual Mailorder

circular" you can print your own mailorder ads on the back..

Another way to get your ads to new sources.

Even though this plan may first appear to be merely an

advertising program wherein you receive full value for your

$5.00 (50 cents x 10), it is a pyramid scheme dependent on

continued participation in order to produce the results it

dictates. Therefore, it appears to be no more than just another

of the endless illegal chain letter schemes that all of those

who have been in the mailorder business for a short time receive

every day of the year.

However, you can always check out this type of plan with your

local postmaster. If it should happen to be legal it could be a

good money-making proposition. Your postmaster may tell you

that it is illegal, even though he probably doesn't take the

time to really check it out properly.

If programs similar to this are illegal, or even if they appear

to be against the law, don't touch them. These kinds of

propositions never produce any money anyway. They only cost the

participants' time and money, and could cost a lot more in the

event the postal authorities follow through and prosecute.

All Profit Ads - You Keep It All!

A number of mailorder dealers publish information "folios" which

they will send your customers free for a stamped addressed

envelope. They provide the ads which you circulate over your

own name, usually asking $1.00 or $2.00 retail. Although called

"All Profit", they are really 80% commission ads or circulars.

(It will cost you a first-class stamp to send the order with a

stamped addressed envelope to the source, who then stuffs the

envelope with the order plus ads for some of their other


The source for "All Profit" ads hopes your customer will then

order something from them. Their ads cost them only the labor

of stuffing the envelope and printing of materials.

Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to the various

sources for samples of their all-profit ads and circulars

together with full details of their offerings.

You will find numerous mailorder dealers who offer the "All

Profit Ads" in most every mailorder adsheet and mailorder ad


Be sure to give them a test before blowing your money as most of

them are good only for acquiring name lists, other mailorder

contacts, general information and for education in mailorder

methods... Not for direct money-making activity!

Publishing Your Own Adsheet

When you have accumulated sufficient knowledge from preparing

your own circulars and from co-publishing magazines and adsheets

of others, you may want to become a publisher. You have learned

the going rates for various size ads depending on circulation,

etc. Start with 1,000, the minimum circulation for an adsheet.

Think up a good name for the title! Something different!

Something unique! An interesting title will often mean the

success or failure of your adsheet venture!

Have your first adsheet printed on both sides of an 8-1/2x11

sheet, 20# paper, folded in half to form four 5-1/2x8-1/2 pages.

Use enough space for a good title, ad rate information and

editor's comments. Make it Co-publishable or simply an adsheet

whereby each advertiser gets a few mailing copies, with the

balance sent out by yourself or by paid mailers. As an

incentive, print a couple of your offers as commission ads.

Prepare and insert editorial material and articles of interest

to the mailorder dealers... Solicit and offer free ads for your

next issue.

You will lose cash flow on the first few issues, but at least

you will be getting your own ads circulated and your adsheets

out before the public. If you have a clean, nicely printed

publication with the right unique and interesting title, you

will start receiving ads and after the fourth or fifth issue you

should have it filled with paid ads, along with all of your own


As an example, if your rate is $4.00 per inch, you can still

sell approximate $100 worth of ad space after allowing for all

the space you need for title, rates, etc. Cutting this in half

to allow for co-publishers 50% rate leaves $50 to pay for the

printing and mailing. If handled properly your own ads will

ride free from that point forward.

Constantly build up your customers' name list. Keep it up to

date. This list is a valuable asset if properly maintained.

As your list of advertisers and co-publishers grow larger and

larger, you can add more pages and continue to expand until you

have a number one mailorder magazine producing reasonable


16 All Profit Ads and Their Information Sheet!

Run any of the following ads over your name in any publication,

adsheet or circular. When the orders come in, send the customer

the answer shown, or just circle the answer on one of these

information sheets and mail it to them. (This gives them the

rest of the ads and answers free as a bonus).

You can have your local printer print a batch of these sheets in

volume, or just have a few copies made as needed to fill each

order, using this sheet of the original camera-ready copy. Or

these sheets may be obtained from Prime Publishers, 1460 Boulder

Ave., Crescent City, CA 95531 for $4.00 per 100 sets, prepaid to


Ad 1: "How to sell your old telephone book for 50 cents a page!

Information $1.00."

Answer: Run the next ad (ad 2, below) over your name and fill

the order yourself with the pages from your own telephone book.

Ad 2: "A page from my telephone book with names & addresses!

50 cents."

Answer: Fill the order yourself with your telephone book!

Ad 3: "One inch all-profit ads and the information they sell,

Only $1.00!"

Answer: Fill the order with one of these adsheets.

Ad 4: "How to get swamped with orders for you big mail!

Information $1.00."

Answer: Run the next ad (ad 5) over your name and address.

Ad 5: "16 All-Profit ads free in my big mail. Rush this ad and


Answer: Slip one of these sheets in your Big Mail and mail it

to them.

Ad 6: "Gross $100.00 from a $4.00 investment. Information


Answer: Send $4.00 to Prime Publishers, 1460 Boulder Ave.,

Crescent City, CA 95531 and ask for 100 of these all-profit ads

and answer sheets (100 prepaid to you for $4.00). Sell them for

$1.00 each!

Ad 7: "Start your own "Turn Key" Mailorder Business! Rush

$1.00 for information!"

Answer: Write to (place your name and address here if you have

"Turn Key" mail order plans or programs to offer) for free

information on their "Turn Key" mailorder programs. Send them

the full information about your programs OR, if you have none

available, send them one of these sheets.

Ad 8: "Name of a firm who will put you in business for only

$4.00. Rush $1.00!"

Answer: If you can put them in business with one of your

programs for $4.00, or convert this ad and answer sheet to a

$4.00 program for them, place your name and address here. (As

mentioned above, you can always refer them to the name and

address of Prime Publishers if necessary).

Ad 9: "16 ads you can run over your name and keep all the

money. Full information for only $1.00!"

Ad 10: "Stuff 100 envelopes and Gross $100.00. Rush $1.00!"

Ad 11: "How would you like to receive 100 letters a day,

containing $1.00 in each one?"

Answers to ads 9, 10, 11: Fill orders with one of these

adsheets. (You can have your local printer make as many copies

as you need" or you can get them from Prime Publishers at $4.00

per hundred sets.)

Ad 12: "100 Circulars mailed with ours in our big mail. $4.00!"

Ad 13: "Letters remailed 75 cents each."

Answers to ads 12 and 13: Perform the above two services


Ad 14: "How to Destroy the desire for cigarettes. Completely

tested, proven... $2.00."

Answer: Before breakfast take 1/2 teaspoon each, of Rochelle

Salts and Cream of tartar. Also chewing Ginseng root and

swallowing the juice helps.

Ad 15: "How to destroy the desire for liquor... Tested and

proven... $2.00!"

Answer: Mix Gold thread herb with Golden Seal in tea. This

creates a violent distaste for alcohol. Grains of spices added

to liquids helps also.

Ad 16: "How to get free postage for life. Details $2.00!"

Answer: Advertise a good pulling mail order plan and at the end

of the Ad put" "Rush $1.00 and one or two first class stamps."

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