His accomplishments to stimulate the economy of New Mexico, including a plan to establish a space tourism industry, have been so successful that "Forbes" magazine rated Albuquerque, New Mexico the best city in the U.S. for business and careers, and the Cato Institute has given him credit as one of the most fiscally responsible Democratic governors in the nation.

Bill Richardson has announced his candidacy for President in 2008. Out of all the Democratic and even Libertarian and Green candidates in 2008, he is the only possible candidate whom can be called "100% Liberal". In fact, he is shooting for the highest praise amongst Democrats, the "Progressive".

It is hard to believe that Bill Richardson has not swept the Democratic vote already. He has proven himself in policies pertaining to economy, foreign relations, civil rights and liberties, racial relations, tribal relations, education, and fiscal policy. He is indeed an as-yet-undiscovered diamond to the Liberal Democrats, but time will tell if he did, indeed, damage his chances as President by "doing the right thing", that is, by being too Liberal to attract Conservative voters.

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