In mixing your drinks, especially in using carbonated beverages, try to blend the other ingredients first using your blender. Pour out the contents of the resulting blend on the serving glasses and then pour in the carbonated drink last. To ensure that your cold beverages stay cold longer, you can also have your blender containers chilled prior to using. They can remain cold when you try to blend your frozen drinks. This trick will work on glass and stainless steel blender containers but would not work as well with the plastic ones.

When trying to blend hot liquids, you can keep the feeder cap of your blender in order to release off some steam. When blending, start the lowest speeds and then gradually increase to higher settings.

When you wish to crush ice cubes in your blender, add one cup of water into the blender before putting the ice cubes for chopping. When you wish to use the blender to grate harder cheeses like Cheddar or the Swiss variety, cut them first into cubes and let them chill in the refrigerator for a while. After that, you can then them into the blender through the feeder cap while the motor is running.

You can also make bread crumbs using your blender. Use stale bread when you wish to make dry bread crumbs and fresh ones for soft bread crumbs. When the motor is running, add the bread in small pieces into the feeder cup of the container. By putting in mind these blender tips, you can find different ways on how to use your blender.

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