Let your pond serve as the focal point of your back

yard. Place it in the middle or in one corner of the

yard if you have a small space. Make it appealing to

the people walking around the house.


If you wish to place it in the corner part of the

yard, raise the pond a little higher so that the fish

will seem as a surprise to the visitors. But if you

want to place it in the center, it is best if you

place the pond at ground level or a little above it.

Fish Types

Make sure that the fish you put inside are colorful

and lively to attract attention. Watching the fishes

swim around everyday can also serve to be therapeutic.

But if you want to maintain a small pond, do not place

large fishes such as the Japanese Koi. They may not

live long in this kind of environment and they are

also extremely expensive. Goldfish are compatible with

the size of your pond, however, their longevity might

not be a guaranteed in an outdoor pond.


Think how much you really want an outdoor pond and how

you can maintain and build it depending on your

preferences. You might find that maintaining an indoor

aquarium is difficult enough, how much more an outdoor


Consider the climate of your place. Water ponds and

fish ponds are most applicable in tropical weather

because of the advantage of the sun all year round.

Some aquatic plants need to be exposed to the sun to

grow. The plants and fishes may die if you let them

stay in the pond during winter time. it is best to

transfer them to an indoor tank if the weather is not


A fish pond in your own backyard only tells an

individual how much energy, time, and money you are

willing to devote to the beautification of your

backyard. It does not matter how large or how small it

is, it just goes to show that you appreciate beautiful

things. You will not only impress a lot of people but

yourself as well. A back yard fish pond brings a

luxurious and relaxing feeling to the place.

In order to make your fish pond more appealing,

decorate its surroundings. Landscaping the place will

attract frogs and birds which can add to the overall

natural feeling. If you cannot afford landscaping

projects, hanging plants and flowering bushes will do.

This will produce a great ambiance to your visitors

and guests.

Having a fish pond is not a go-get-it-and-have-it

project. You have to maintain and preserve its beauty

time and again. Make sure to add water to it

periodically. It is also important that you get rid of

fallen leaves as this will cause decay and unpleasant


Lastly, consult your local pond professionals before

building a pond yourself. Do not hesitate to ask

questions as this will benefit the inhabitants of the

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