Pattern Method

Another method used in remembering numbers is through the use of patterns. By creating a pattern of numbers in the phone pad, it can be easier for you to remember the numbers. For example, “1478” makes a pattern of a capital “L” while “25846” makes a cross.

Use Your Knuckles

Most kids use this method to remember how many days are there in one month. Using this, even though you are not a kid is alright. In fact, a lot of dyslexic adults use this method, since you have your knuckles anywhere you go.

Comparing Numbers

Some dyslexics have problems with comparing numbers. Some do not have the ability to visually compare numbers. If you are having the same kind of problem, then you can try using your calculator to know that the numbers are different. You can do this by subtracting one number from the other. If you get a zero, then this means they are the same, if not, then they are different.

Money Matters

Some conditions of dyslexia may give you problems in counting money. Some people find this very embarrassing. To avoid counting out change, what is usually done by dyslexics is to be ready by simply having a larger bill than your estimated amount of purchase.

In this way you can accumulate a lot of change. You can then get rid of these by already counting out the exact amount of small purchases that you will be making in the near future. Putting the counted amount into a separate change purse then would make the whole process easier for you.

Dot Method

Some dyslexics that have problems in understanding number concepts and using this method is one way they help themselves. Here you visualize a specific pattern of dots for the numbers one to nine. Using a dice can be helpful too.


Some use their ability to draw in remembering phone numbers. In this method, you perceive the numbers as parts of a whole picture or drawing. The picture is what is then stored in your mind. With just a little concentration on your part, remembering numbers won’t be a problem anymore.

These are just some of the ways how some adults with dyslexia have managed to deal with their condition. However, you should take note that each technique can vary from one case to another. That is why its effectiveness can differ too.

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