sales force can sell the product, you'll have a hard time

enlisting people to sell for you, and you probably won't set any

sales records relative to your product either.

Let's assume that you've just written a book-HOW TO MAKE $100,000


this book, you've got to get the word out to the people that you

have such a book available. Advertising on your own is going to

cost you money, and unless you've got a good understanding of the

advertising business, you may never reach your full sales

potential-besides, the time and effort expended in finding the

"right" place to advertise, the placing of your ads, monitoring

your returns, and the frustrations of dealing with the curiosity

seekers, will quickly wear you out. Such is not the way you

envisioned your life when you got the idea to write the book, get

rich and enjoy a life of leisure.

So, just as soon as you've got your book written-the book is your

product-get some "bids" out to the advertising agencies in your

area, the freelancers, and the advertising department at your

local colleges. What you want these people to do is make up an

advertising circular promoting and selling your book. Now then,

in a different-maybe smaller-type, and kind of like an

afterthought-at the bottom of this circular, you include the

phrase: Dealer Inquiries Invited...

Look over all the submitted circulars and choose the one (s) you

consider the best. then have a supply of these printed up at your

local print shop, obtain a mailing list of opportunity seekers,

and get them in the mail.

Just as soon as you've dropped these first circulars in the mail,

start writing your dealer/distributor letter. This should be

simply an explanation describing how you will dropship orders for

their customers, allowing them a certain commission on each sale

and, the price per copy you'll sell your book to them in

wholesale quantity lots. At the same time, this letter should

include a copy of your advertising circular, and an explanation,

reassuring these dealers that they can reproduce this circular

with their name/address in place of yours on the order coupon.

You might even include a brief note that you will pre-print these

circulars with the dealer's name/address and ship them to him for

a wholesale printing price. All of this boils down to your

supplying him or her with whatever is needed to promote and sell

copies of your book for you. The bottom line is simply that you

can only reach so many people, and sell so many books yourself.

With 1,000 people helping you-mailing out advertising circulars

and running small ads in hundreds of opportunity seeker

publications-your costs of running your business will be minimal

while your book sale skyrocket.

Remember though, you need an impressive, eye-catching advertising

circular or mailing package for your sales force to use as their

own, and you need a clear easy-to-understand books in wholesale

quantity lots, and the availability of advertising materials for

your dealers.

The advertising circular should be dual purpose- you send it out

to solicit sales of your product, and at the same time, recruit

dealers who are impressed with your advertising materials and

feel that they can make some money for themselves by promoting

your product. Again, this needn't be much more than a simple

"throw-way" line at the bottom of the circular: Dealer Inquiries


Now that you're organized thus far, the next thing is to contract

to run as many small DEALERS WANTED ads in as many of the mail

order publications as possible. Such ads can be either a

classified or a small, but eye-catching one inch display ad:

DEALERS WANTED! Outstanding new book. Sells

like wildfire! Everybody wants a copy! Make

$10 profit on every $15 sale! Details for

SASE to:

Basically that's all your "dealers wanted" ad needs to say, and

then with plenty of exposure in all the mail order publications

over a period of six or eight months, you should have hundreds of

people all over the country selling your book for you. Simple,

easy, almost cut and dried, but it works!

In building my own business from scratch over the past 10 years,

I've found that once you've established a basic

dealer/distributor network-or a list of people selling for

you,you can add hundreds of related products, and the orders just

keep coming in. Give it a try and see for yourself just how easy

and profitable it can be for you!

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