Showing off your muscle tone depends on the judges being able to see all muscles you are focusing on. By exposing as many muscles as you can, you can show off what you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

Pick a color that is complementary to your skin tone. You will want to tan before competing, so a light color is always a good choice. Men usually are barefoot in these competitions while women often opt for high heels, but going barefoot is also very appropriate for women as well.

While the clothing you choose for body building isn’t as important as the workout you get, it can make a difference between an effective workout and one that isn’t. If you are constricted by clothing that is too tight, your body building efforts will be in vain. Plus, you won’t want to get overheated during a workout or else you risk injury to yourself and contribute to fatigue.

Choose your body building clothing with comfort in mind for the workout portion, and baring the most amount of skin for competitions. Once you make your choices, let your body building clothing speak for itself.

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