stay for free in any of the over 5,000 homes throughout the

world! Most of the people who belong to thee clubs are

interesting, adventurous and fun-loving.

On your next vacation enjoy the personal contact of staying in

someone else's home. See the world on a shoestring and enjoy

yourself. Here are some of the other benefits of a Travel Club


* Develop a pen-pal relationship

* Find people with similar hobbies

* Exchange home ( instead of staying with members)

* Drop-in relationships (if you prefer not to stay with

members, you might just visit with them to find out what

is going on in their area, etc..An initial contact when

visiting a distant place will make for a more enjoyable


Write to the following Clubs for complete details:

Traveler Directory

537 Church Street, Box 1547

Lancaster, PA 17604

Vacation Exchange Club

119 Fifth Ave

New York, NY

Holiday Home Exchange

P.O Box 555

Grants, NM 87020


Become an "Outside Agent" for a travel agency, a tour guide or

co-ordinator for group tours.

Go to a large travel agency and contract with them for a free

trip (All expenses paid!) in exchange for you securing 20 to 30

people to go with you on a group tour.

How to secure others to travel with you? Primarily through your

personal, social and business contacts. Think of a place that

contacts might like to visit. You can get a special discount

group rate for them. They will save on their trip and you will

travel for free.


Still again,it is possible to appoint yourself as President of

your non-profit organization and have the organization supply you

with a free vehicle will all expenses paid. If your organization

is a church related corporation, you could tour Europe for free,

to visit cathedrals, as an example. A church can raise money by

"selling" charters, degress and other cheap papers for hundreds

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