This can be even more true if your family has had a

history of allergies. When a baby is breast fed, the

antibodies pass on from the mother to the baby,

helping to protect against illness and allergies. As

the baby's system matures, his body will begin to

make it's own antibodies, and he'll be more equipped

to handle sensitivities of food.

Sucking on the breast will also help with the

development or jaw alignment and the development of

the cheekbone. For this very reason, there is less

of the need for costly orthodontic work when the

child gets older.

Unlike formula, breast milk is always ready, always

available, convenient, and always the right temperature

for feeding. Plus, it contains all of the vitamins

and minerals your growing baby needs, saving you a

lot of money.

Breast feeding also offers many benefits for the mom

as well. The baby sucking at the breast will cause

contractions right after birth, leading to less

bleeding for the mom, and helping her uterus to it's

shape before pregnancy much faster.

Breast feeding will also burn calories, so a mom can

lose weight much faster than if she fed her baby with

a bottle. Breast feeding will also create a special

bond with the mother and the baby - which is one

thing formula simpy cannot do.

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