This kind of reader membership involvement will get your

"newsletter" off to a running start, and keep your members loyal

to you because of the "gossip" you pass along in each issue.

You follow up your "gossip story" with either a question and

answer session or letters from readers a-la Ann Landers or Dear

Abby. Complete the newsletter with a short story on how to meet

men or women, what to say and how to develop a friendship. The

back page, or extra page, is then a listing of men and

women--including a short description of each, and their

addresses--wanting to correspond with or meet people with similar


You'll need a typewriter, paper, and names of people interested

in writing and receiving Pen Pal letters. You can quickly secure

a start with names answering ads(classifieds) placed in local

papers, and several out-of-town papers you are familiar with, and

by checking your news stand for the magazines that carry such

ads--it won't take long to get a basic "100" to begin your


You should have letterhead and imprinted mailing envelopes and

return envelopes 1000 of each for $100.

Next, make up a sample copy of your newsletter, and an

application sales letter that will explain your membership fee of

about $10 per year for the newsletter, plus $1 per month each

time you carry a member's name & address in your "correspondents

wanted" section. Be sure to ask for reports on what members are

doing, and encourage them to bring up to date from time to

time---this keeps the "personal touch" gossip supplied.

Now, you send out your newsletter samples, with your sales

letter/membership application, to the list of names we've

supplied you with, or you may have purchased from other sources.

At the same time, you should run an advertisement in as many

small mail order publications, with names and addresses of

publishers, order Directory #3709 for $3 from your distributor.

your ad read something like this;

Pen Pal Listings! nationwide circulation!

$1 to: Your name, address & zip code.

Tom's pen Pal letter! Monthly club news and membership

listings! $1 to : your name, address & zip code.

Of course, you'll want to keep records on all your members, and

continue to up-date the listings you carry but basically that is

all there is to getting started. You could even run ads of this

kind in your local newspapers expect a good response. We

definitely recommend that you send for sample copies of other Pen

Pal bulletins to see how they operate and what ideas of theirs

you can adapt for use in your newsletter. By all means, become a

"brower" and look thru all the magazines related to pen pals and

mail order introductions everytime you pass a magazine display


Be sure to get your newsletters out regularly, and don't stop

advertising. keep up your efforts to sell as many issues of each

publication as you can, expand your membership list, and get as

many new listings for each issue as you possibly can.

Something you might want to consider--3 back issues of your

publication for 3 dollars, or as a free bonus to all new

subscribers. You could carry this idea as a free bonus in your

advertising, and as a special offer in your newsletter.

You might also want to expand your income potential by offering

booklets, books, tapes, motivational and informational. As the

dealer who supplied this report to give you all his listings.

By keeping good records of all the mail you receive, you can also

sell or rent name lists of people who have responded to your

offerings to other mail order dealers. Real opportunities exist

for sales mentioned in the paragraph above---the opportunities

limited only by your imagination.

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