When you have put together a posing routine, have someone video tape it for you and then watch it with a critical eye. Have someone else watch it as well and point out the things you are doing right as well as the things you are doing wrong. You can then work on the areas that need to be strengthened prior to the contest.

You need to pay special attention to your diet and workout routine. It is very important that you maintain the pace that got you here in the first place. Before entering body building contests is no time to slack off. You’ll need to be diligent, but the effort will pay off.

There are many, many body building contests that you can enter when you’ve reached the point where you want to start competing. Local as well as national competitions can be very grueling, so know what you are up for. Body building contests are great places to show off what you’ve worked hard for – a ripped, toned body. Good luck!

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